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Eastbourne 2019

  • Day 1, Monday, 01stApril 2019

    It was 04.45 am when everybody arrived in Gieboldehausen. Our bus driver put our suitcases into the coach, so that we could start our journey at 05:00 am. We were really excited but also tired. About two hours later the bus driver changed. A new bus driver took us to Eastbourne and we knew that it was his birthday that day, so we sang “Happy Birthday” for him. We went through the Netherlands, Belgium and finally we arrived in Calais (France). Unfortunately, we had to wait there four and a half hours long until we could take the ferry to Dover (Great Britain). We ate and talked a lot and tried to stay motivated. After the long time of waiting we took the ferry at 6:50 pm. For most of us it was the first time to go by ferry. A few minutes later we noticed that the long time of waiting had one advantage. There was the beautiful sunset above the sea we could look at. After having arrived in Dover, everybody just wanted to go “home”. After about two hours more, we finally arrived in Eastbourne where we met our host families for the first time. They took us home and we slept as soon as possible.

  • Day 2, Tuesday, 02nd April 2019

    We spent our second day in England in Hastings. There, we joined a traditional Victorian teaparty. A friendly lady told us a lot about the typical teatime in the 17th century. She talked about important historical aspects and persons. We were taught how to sit properly and how to behave correctly and we learned how to speak in the same way as people did at teaparties in the 17th century. Some of us took part in a little role play and then we were able to try tea and some scones with cream and jam. After the teaparty we formed two groups. One stayed in Hastings to go shopping and the other went to Battle. There is the so-called “Battlefield” where Duke William I. fought against the commander of the Anglo-Saxons Harold II. We had the chance to have a look at this field and to see the weapons. An audio guide gave us some information about everything.

  • Day 3, Wednesday, 03rd April 2019

    Today was our first day in London. After a few problems, everybody was at the train station and we took the train to London. We were really excited because for most of us it was the first time in London. On the train we had the chance to wish Mr. Möllers a happy birthday and gave him some presents because that day was his birthday. About one and a half hour later we arrived in London (Victoria Station). Then we took the Underground to visit our first sight, the London Eye. Opposite the London Eye, there are the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben but unfortunately it is scaffolded because of some construction works. We walked across Westminster Bridge, along Big Ben and then straight to Westminster Abbey. After that, we went along Downing Street. We saw where Theresa May, the Prime Minister, works and we had the chance to watch the Changing of the Guards. The next sight we went to was Trafalgar Square. There, we had some time to look around. Now it was time for lunch. The teachers brought us to Leicester Square where we spent our lunch break and went shopping. After the lunch break it was time for the last sight today, St. Paul’s Cathedral. We had some time there to have a look around in the Cathedral. After that we went upstairs to have a look above London.

  • Day 4, Thursday, 04th April 2019

    Today was our second day in London. Again, we took the train to London. The first thing we walked to was Buckingham Palace. We had some time to look at it but unfortunately, we had to go right before the Changing of the Guards because otherwise we would have missed our deadline at the London Dungeon. We arrived at the Dungeon in time but again we had to wait a long time. Somebody told us that the team had a little problem. Then we finally went in. After the Dungeon, we took the Underground to go to Oxford Street. There we had free time to do some shopping or to eat something. In the evening we all met at Victoria station and took the train back to Eastbourne.

  • Day 5, Friday, 05th April 2019

    Today was our last day in England. We stayed in Eastbourne. First, our bus driver brought us to the Seven Sisters Cliffs. We went to the beach to take some photos and have a look at the cliffs. After that we walked back to Eastbourne. It was amazing to see the bright white cliffs in the sunshine. About one hour later we arrived at a little pub where we had a break. After the break we walked the last part back to Eastbourne Pier. It took us nearly two hours until we arrived there. Now it was time for the rallye in Eastbourne. The teachers gave us a questionnaire and then we had to go through Eastbourne in groups of four to find answers to the questions. It was not really difficult to find the right way but in case we would have got lost, we got a map to find the way back to the pier. When everyone was back, we had to go to our host families to have dinner and after that we had some free time in Eastbourne.

  • Day 6, Saturday, 06th April 2019

    It was the day of departure. We met at the train station at seven o’clock in the morning and the bus driver put our suitcases into the bus. We were really tired and everybody was kind of happy that we were going home now. We went back to the harbour in Dover. This time we were very lucky because we were able to take one ferry earlier. After one hour on the ferry we arrived in France. From now on it was just a really long time of driving. We went back the same way as we arrived, we started in France, went through Belgium and the Netherlands and then we finally arrived in Germany. Some of us slept, some of us listened to music, others just talked a little bit or played games. Although it was a long time, everybody was all right. At about ten o’clock pm we arrived back in Gieboldehausen. Our families were waiting there and we had many stories to tell. It was a great time and a wonderful trip to an interesting country.